Orphus system
Orphus system

Please look to the top right corner of this page. Do you see a little button which looks intentionally bright and catch one's eye? That is the Orphus. What is that? Move the mouse over, and you'll get to know.

The main idea of Orphus is simple: use integrated intellect of all your site readers (i.e. native intellect) to eliminate text mistakes and typos. We may say that Orphus "quantizes" the native intellect.

Imagine that a user reads any text and suddenly stumbles on a typo (sometimes we say "his eye gets stuck"). What does this user feel? Something annoying. Many users even begin to click an errorous word with mouse mechanically and immediately remove the selection - they try to get rid of an annoying feeling! And here the Orphus begins its act: user may just select a typo with mouse and press Ctrl+Enter; after that an information immediately (in the background!) is sent to a webmaster of your site, i.e. to you.

To install Orphus on your site, please pay attention to fill the following form. Then HTML code will be generated inside the text area in the bottom and you may use it on your site. As soon as you install the system to your site and it processes the first typo, the password to log in to this site will be mailed to your address.

1. Enter your E-mail. It will be used to send report messages to:
Choose a language of the Orphus interface:
Attention: if you translated the Orphus interface (0.8K) to your native language, please send the fragment of the script which holds its language data to the forum at http://www.orphus.ru/community/orphus/translations/.
3. Download the main Orphus file and place it somewhere on your site:
enter a valid E-mail first, please
4. Copy one of the following buttons to the same directory you used for the main Orphus file:
197x39 - скачать
135x58 - скачать
135x58 - скачать
Mixa (transparent background)
125x115 - скачать
150x100 - скачать
UZbe4onok a.k.a. Ruslan N.
121x21 - скачать
Enilatiar (white background)
115x28 - скачать
72x24 - скачать
90x32 - скачать
Nevgod Danil
88x31 - скачать
121x21 - скачать
88x31 - скачать
Sergey Prihodko
141x25 - скачать
Dmitry Koterov (with border)
80x15 - скачать
Yurii Kornilev
121x21 - скачать
Enilatiar (transparent background)
141x25 - скачать
Dmitry Koterov (no border)
Insert the following piece of HTML-code to every page of your site:
...assuming that the relative path you use for the main Orphus file is:

To summarize, I remind that as a result of all your actions your should add two files to your site:

  • /orphus/orphus.js - the main script which you may download using the link above;
  • /orphus/orphus.gif — the button;
  • besides that, it is necessary to insert the generated piece of HTML code (see above) to every page of your site. This code determines the place which Orphus will reside.

As a result of the code insertion Orphus icon will appear (you can see how it looks, e.g., at the top right corner of this page).

But probably it is not enough the icon along. If you want Orphus to achieve maximal effect, you should also insert explicative text somewhere on your site, e.g. "Select spelling error with your mouse and press Ctrl+Enter".

For people who like to insert 1x1 pixels (invisible) counters I explain: effectiveness of the system is proportionate to the number of visitors who draw attention to Orphus icon or explicative text. That's why I recomment you not to hide the icon. Else you will reach a zero result.